Luca Poloni

Guitar/Music Theory

Luca Poloni is a London-based guitar player, composer and tutor from the North East of Italy, freshly graduated with first class honours in a 3-year degree course in Creative Musicianship at the Institute of Contemporary Music Performance (ICMP) in May 2019 in London.

Luca has been studying guitar for 14 years by exploring different styles and genres; firts he began studying the fundamentals, such as blues and funk, then he moved to jazz, focusing not only on the instrument, but also on theory and harmony behind it. During his career as a professional guitar player, he had a chance to leatn from the renowned musicians such as Marino De Angeli, Michele Massarutto, Pete Roth and Andy Saphir.  

Luca's wonderful teachers have inspired him to become a tutor. He believes that only a good teacher can make the difference, help students grow and achieve the best results possible, as every student is different and requires an individual approach.
Luca offers electric, acoustic and classical guitar tuition to students of any age and all levels of experience, from beginner to advanced; he teaches various genres including pop, rock, funk and jazz, making sure to include music theory and harmony to facilitate the progress.

He is currently working as a session guitar player for function bands, as 29 Fingers Party Band and A Rangers, and for original projects, as Galactic Dust. Luca collaborated in the studio recording of “There We Were” by Taati as a guitar player and as an arranger and for other artists including Monarchee and Spanking Venice.
As a composer, Luca has worked for the sport video company Sottobosco, where his music has been chosen for several videos of “Abbott motocross team” and it has been featured in the documentary “LIV WOMEN'S ADVNTURE” broadcast on SKY Italy in 2018.